Depending on the age and obsolescence of the elevator system, the extent of your modernization can vary. Adjusting the performance and correcting the operational deficiencies of existing equipment can achieve some improvements, but allowing your elevators to operate in disrepair for too long could make the cost of replacing your complete system an unpleasant reality. Extensive or total  replacement of the elevator system may be required to achieve the desired results. By modernizing now, you will save money, increase your building’s value and improve the efficiency of the traffic in your building.

Modernizing with Centric Elevator Corporation means you will be putting the best in innovation and precision into your elevator system. We have the knowledge, experience and suppliers to enable us to provide the best modernization solution for our clients, regardless of the type or vintage of the existing equipment. Alternatively, our family of component upgrades allows you to make these improvements incrementally and spread the cost out over time.

Modernization services include improvements to:
• Aesthetics – modern and cost effective interior materials
• Code required features – controls contain the most current requirements
• Efficiency & Energy Savings – energy saving motor drives and lighting
• Extended Life – Reduced starting loads extend motor life
• Reduce Liability – Accurate floor stops and added safety devices
• Life Safety – The latest in Fireman’s Service and Rescue Operations.
• Ride Quality – Smooth motor drives and Improved Roller Guide Systems