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Did you know that more people travel in elevators daily than any other means of transportation? Your elevator is a key image of your building, and reputation is important. That means performance and appearance are vital components for an impressive elevator experience. Hall entrance and interior cab remodels can affordably and effectively improve your buildings image. Custom designs replacing all, or part of the components in the cab can make dramatic changes to the appearance.

New walls, flooring and ceilings are the most commonly renovated components, while new fixtures, lanterns and buttons can make both physical and functional improvements. Improvements that you would want and your tenants would expect, to give the best possible impression.

Modernization can make your elevators accessible to tenants with disabilities, and make your building ADA compliant. Centric Elevator’s in-house interior design department is committed to this unique aspect of elevator modernization.

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Elevator Interiors Simplified

When a semi-custom interior fits clients needs, SnapCab offers a simple, fast way to renovate your elevator interior. SnapCab’s patented interlocking joints and horizontal panels, divide each wall into easy-to-install layers. Any layer can be any material, and things like handrails and pad buttons are already attached. Installation is faster than the typical custom design, reducing your elevator down time.