Repairs-3picsCentric’s philosophy of “Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction” is demonstrated not only in our products, but also in our field operations when we repair and maintain vertical transportation systems.

We demand high accuracy and effectiveness in the field, so that we can deliver the highest quality to our customers. As a result of our firm’s commitment to these stringent standards, we have a callback ratio that is second to none. In spite of our efforts, elevators are still machines that may be susceptible to an occasional malfunction or failure. Centric has put processes into place to deal with the occasional equipment problem, minimizing inconvenience to the customer.

To keep abreast with the high-tech developments within the vertical transportation industry, Centric utilizes many computerized tools for diagnostic and performance measurements on most elevator control systems.

Our crews perform all types of elevator repairs ranging from replacement of gears, cables and underground cylinders to reprogramming of microprocessor software and circuit modifications. Centric maintains a vast assortment of computerized tools, parts and circuit boards, as well as the heavy duty equipment and tools necessary to complete each task.



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